Monday, September 1, 2008

Balboa Park

Ok, I'm not doing too well with this posting stuff. I completely intended to keep this up but after some frustrating bouts with downloading pictures from my phone, I sort of forgot about blogging. Anyway, I finally changed my email- excite is horrible btw- so I could actually get the pictures I emailed to myself. For some reason, excite eats them.

We went to Balboa Park to see the new mummy movie they had out- not as cool as I thought and a little more graphic than expected. The boys loved it. Gross=entertaining for boys. We had a picnic out on the lawn in front of the fountain which was awesome until bees started "attacking" Conor. I say attacking loosely because I've never seen someone so dramatic about bees flying around. It's not like he's allergic. We finally had to make him eat under another tree because he looked like some kind of injured rodeo clown. *Sigh* Regardless of Conor's epileptic like display, we had a great time. I love the kid's room with all the different activity areas. I'm including a slide show. I hope you enjoy Victor's Blues Brothers look.