Friday, January 25, 2013

Diaper Making

Anybody ever consider using cloth diapers?  I'm not talking about the kind of cloth diapers your mother sticking your little cuties with diaper pins.  Cloth diapers nowadays are just like disposables but MUCH more friendly to the environment and your pocket book.  Just look at all the info out there regarding diapers in landfills not to mention the nasty chemicals in them that go into the ground water (and touch your baby's bum all day).

I know cloth can be intimidating.  What about the poo you say?!?  What about it?  Hold the diaper over the toilet, shake it off, flush.  Or, spray it off with the hose if its really stuck.  I've never done this.  I actually put in a diaper sprayer in my toilet (totally easy to do btw).  Then, throw in the washing machine.  I swear none of my clothes have poop on them.  No poop is left in the washing machine.  Occasionally, I run bleach on the rinse and spin cycle just to clean it out.  But, I'd have to do that anyway b/c my machine is front loading and starts to smell musty after a while anyway.  See, no big deal.  Don't be afraid of the poop!

Obviously, I made the decision to use cloth.  I still use disposables when we go out or on vacation ~ I'm not quite ready to be a full-blown cloth user, but I'm close!  I bought cloth diapers online but my "man baby" has since gotten too big for even the large ones.  I decided to make my own.  I actually bought a book at Joann's but there is a great tutorial at Tutu Mafia.  She does an AMAZING job of showing you how to make different kinds of cloth diapers ~ snaps, velcro etc.  Its not hard.  Joann's has tons of fabrics for diapering.  Everything is right there in one little section.  It tends to be a little pricey but did you know you can sell your used diapers on Craig's list?  People buy them like hot cakes.  There are some online companies like Nature's Fabrics who sell diapering material too.  Here is the book I purchased at Joann's:

So far, its been pretty easy to do.  I'll post pictures later of the diapers I made.  I hope you consider doing this too.  You can do it!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Need Your Blogspot Address

Help!  I just re-set my html and lost all my friends's blogs. Unfortunately, only 2 were on my reading list.  Can you please give me your url again?  I am a true, no out-of-the-box, blonde!!!!