Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day


Normally I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day.  I’ve restricted holiday celebrating to just the fall ones – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, the rest of the year seems like such a bummer with no good holidays to celebrate.  So, I decided to make the smaller holidays, well, bigger.

Last weekend, the boys and I made Valentine’s cookies.  I wasn’t really looking forward to it as I’m not much of a baker but I had SO much fun with them.  They were so cute and creative.  Henry slathered so much icing on his cookies, it was dripping off the edge.  He spread the excessive icing all over the cookies again and again, licking the butter knife in between.  Too funny!  Needless to say, nobody but Henry ate his cookies.



This year, I decided to make Valentine cards for Henry since I just got a Pazzles (die cutting machine).  Some of those Valentine’s you can buy at Target or Walmart are just awful.  Plus, the school won’t let the kids bring candy anymore, crazy huh?!?  So, I decided it would be better if we just made something super cute to make up for the candy embargo.

I saw a great tutorial at Craft Monkey for little boys' Valentine’s.  Of course you could use the idea for girls too, but I thought it was great for my little monster. 


I took a picture of Henry in the backyard and printed it up from my computer.  I used the card option in Elements.  Then, I cut out 25 mustaches on my Pazzles and put them on the card with glue dots.  I bought the foam hearts at Michael’s and used glue dots again to secure the picture to the heart.  I tried double sided tape but it didn’t adhere at all.  Since the kids can’t have candy, I figured it would be fun to pull the mustache off the card and wear it for fun.  I’m sure his teacher is going to love me for this one.  Anyway, I hope its a hit. 

I had so much fun making Valentine’s decorations etc. this year.  I’m definitely going to try to keep the crafting up for the next holiday – President’s Day, watch out!