Thursday, November 25, 2010

Julia’s 1st Birthday

My baby girl is 1 year old!  How is that possible?!?  It seems like I had her just the other day.  I can’t believe how fast she is growing.  *sniff* 

We went to Disney land for her birthday.  LOVE Disneyland in October.  It is the greatest place!  Everything is decked out for Halloween.


We decided to stay in a hotel for 2 nights so we could come back and rest if she got cranky.  The first night she went crazy running around in the suite.  The boys had a ball too.  They loved having their own hotel room (even though it was in the same room as ours) and ordering room service.


Above is the boys’s room.  We call it the fish bowl since you can see them through a glass window from the living room.


Julia going nuts


Unfortunately, she didn’t sleep very well in the hotel but my awesome husband got up with her (at 4 a.m.) and let me sleep.  She took a nap around 8 a.m. and then we left for the park around 10. 

IMG_0104_edited-1 Me with no make-up doing Julie’s hair.  Don’t you love the toilet paper she ripped up?  Hey, it kept her busy!

The first thing we did inside the park was to take some really cute pictures with Goofy.  The older boys didn’t really care about this but Henry and Jules were super excited.



We usually go straight to Pirate’s but the boys really wanted to go on the astro blasters.  Julia wasn’t too sure about it at first but once we got up in the air, she loved it.

IMG_0117_edited-1IMG_0121_edited-1 Not too happy here

IMG_0129_edited-2 Totally loving it

The Haunted House was so awesome.  I love how they decorate it with the Nightmare Before Christmas Theme.  At this point, Julia was so tired due to her early morning escapades that she fell asleep on me during the ride.

IMG_0137_edited-1 IMG_0142_edited-1 IMG_0141_edited-1

While Julia was napping, we took the boys over to California Adventure.  It was soooo hot by this time that I actually had to buy a t-shirts for me and Julia.   We decided to try to get on California Screamin’ but the last few times we’ve gone to Disneyland, Henry was not tall enough to go on it.  But this time…IMG_0157_edited-1


Everybody was so excited he could go on the ride.  The boys were screaming and high-fiving each other.  He loved it and we went on it several times after that.

Of course we hit Tower of Terror and then went over to a Bug’s Life.  Julia loved the rides over there but dang are they short!  Also, if I had known it was going to be so hot I would have brought some bathing suits so the kids could play in the water.IMG_0170_edited-1  IMG_0176_edited-1IMG_0172_edited-1 IMG_0187_edited-1 IMG_0184_edited-1  She didn’t know quite what to do with the lady bug ride


We were supposed to have dinner at Ariel’s GrottoIMG_0156_edited-1 and then go to World of Color but she was waaaay too fussy for that.  Victor took her back to the hotel and the boys and I stayed to watch the show.  The water show was amazing as was dinner and I was super grateful to my rockin’ husband for taking her so we could stay.

The next day we only stayed for a few hours.  Everybody was pretty pooped.  We mainly hit the Fantasyland rides, which are my favorites anyway.  IMG_0215_edited-1 IMG_0216_edited-1 Peter Pan packed as usual


We had such a great time.  The boys were wonderful and Julia absolutely loved it.  I can’t wait to go again soon.  I think we’ll have to make a trip in December for all the Christmas fun!


Happy birthday to my special little girl!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bates Nut Farm


Every year we go to Bate’s Nut Farm and every year it is jammed packed.  I swear, there was one year nobody was there.  Regardless of all the people, it was super fun.  The weather was true fall weather.  I love it.  Even though we didn’t have much of a summer, I still was looking forward to the fall.  Something about the angle of the sun or the shadows on the trees always tells me its autumn.

The boys had so much fun with their baby sister.  She especially loved the maze.  IMG_2437

IMG_0041_edited-1 The kids went nuts running around.  Henry was especially excited.  They made it sort of like a treasure hunt in which the kids received a map.  Each time they discovered certain areas they received a sticker for that area.  It made the maze a lot of fun for the boys who like to think they are turn of the century explorers.


We got to go on the hayride which is always a highlight for me.  I love watching the kids look around with wonder as they get to see the entire farm.  It almost feels like we stepped into The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  So awesome!IMG_0005_edited-1

At the end of the day we got our pumpkins.  The kids had so much fun climbing around in the pumpkins and taking pictures.  They had a blast hamming it up.IMG_0060_edited-1


We had a great time and I totally look forward to going again next year.  I think next year, we will go during the week when its less crowded though.  =)