Sunday, April 4, 2010

General Conference

This weekend was General Conference. I've been a member of the Church for about 2 years and have been attending for 3 and I've never really watched it before. I did order the BYU channel some time last year but only watched about 10 min. of one of the talks. I know this sounds awful, but I get so bored sometimes watching people speak. I don't want to de-value the message by being disinterested so I really avoid watching General Conference. I usually read the talks in the Ensign. I like to save them and put them into a journal when one particular talk speaks to me.

Anyway, on Saturday morning, I was playing with the baby and watching some show on HGTV with Cade when all of a sudden, I felt I should be watching General Conference. I switched the channel and thought I'd give it another chance. I caught most of the morning session and was SO glad I did. I really enjoyed watching our leaders in the Church speak to us with heartfelt sincerity. I was so touched by the impromptu tears. Many of the talks were about our youth. Did I need to hear that! I really felt like they were speaking directly to me. I felt so much more focused about my calling, my kids, FHE...everything. I had to take Cade and the baby down to San Diego to pick up some huge pots for the pool. I left after the morning session was over and was able to get back right before the afternoon session started. How's that for timing!?! I really felt like the Lord wanted me to hear those words.

I had such a wonderful experience. I was so glad that I was able to watch it with my kids. I felt like I was being a good example and hope they heard something that will bless them as issues come up in their life when I can't be there. As most of you know, I'm not remotely close to Molly Mormon. I might not be on top of everything and I didn't have time to watch it Sunday or do any Conference activities with them BUT what I did do, I felt like I was heading in the right direction. Some day I'll be one of those people that have discussions and make coloring books about the talks and the leaders. But for now, I'm just glad we watched it together and that I am looking forward to watching the next one.