Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas craziness

I love Christmas. I love the smell of the Christmas tree permeating my house for a whole month. I love the lights and all the decorations. I don't love the scrambling around to buy presents. I am always plagued with the worry I didn't get enough presents for somebody. I started to reflect on the one thing which makes my Christmas miserable (besides dealing with nasty family members) and decided I was not going to worry about this year. I have to be honest though, I worry about it a little. :P

As I've watched my kids in Christmases past tear apart their presents like a wild herd of hyenas taking down a gazelle, I realized they don't appreciate the gifts as much as they really should. This year I've decided to tone it down. We bought the boys a couple of high ticket items and clothes - that's it. The high ticket items are very useful and meant for all 3 of them. I started to doubt my decision but then came across this article from MSN. The article suggests there are 7 things you can buy with money that make you happy. I was skeptical when I read the article but was pleasantly surprised at the end. I think you will enjoy it. Here is the link: