Friday, July 24, 2009

My little daredevil future surfer

I absolutely love going to the beach. My dad grew up in Mission Beach so every weekend we would go to my grandmother's who had a house between the bay and the ocean. We spent hours in the water. I remember it almost being dark and my dad at the edge of the water, waving us to come in.

It seems I've finally passed down this love of the ocean to my 4 year old son. Poor thing is like an albino, but LOVES to "surf" (as he calls it) at the beach. He can swim, but he really dog paddles. Is he afraid? Nope. He gets in the water, takes his boogie board and goes out as far as I will let him. Last year, he didn't even know how to swim but was hanging on to the front of his older brothers' boards, taking the waves all the way in. I also taught him how to body surf that year. One particular wave, I trampled him as I was trying to give him a push on the wave. Did he cry? Nope. He came up from under the water, laughing.

We went to the beach a couple of days ago and he was maniac. He took a wave but didn't see the 12 year old behind him who proceeded to basically run over him. I went to comfort him and through tears he says, "I want to go back out in the water." So stinkin' cute!

Taking a wave in

Going back out
Adam and Henry bringing a wave in
Yours truly