Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Shower

The infamous baby shower! This was such a great time for me. In our ward, somebody has had a baby every month since July = tons of baby showers. In fact, we had 2 in September, mine and another sister who just adopted. I know people must be getting burned out on these showers. I know I am lol. I SO appreciate all of you who were able to come and those of you who couldn't make it but were thinking of me. I was a little embarrassed by all the attention but it was so fun. We played some really silly games - I know a lot of people complain about baby shower games, but these were fun. Tonya did such an amazing job coming up with these games. One included looking at diapers with melted candy bars in them and trying to figure out what the candy bar was before it melted. You can imagine what the melted candy bars looked like. One woman was so disgusted by the whole thing, she'd laugh and say, "I can't..." and then pass the diapers on. Another game was your typical "identify the baby food in a labeless jar" game. My best friend, who currently is not a mother, and me, who hasn't seen baby food in ages, won! Can you believe it?!? It was so much fun!

Deb cooked an awesome meal - I totally wasn't expecting that. Deb is an amazing cook and pretty much anything she touches tastes gourmet. Anyway, there was a great salad and BBQ sandwiches, fruit and my most favorite custard tarts instead of a cake. Deb hosted the party at her house and made all the food. I was so impressed and completely awed by all the work. Thank you so much Deb and Tonya!!!

I got a lot of really awesome presents. Since I've never had a girl and have long ago gotten rid of baby things, I really needed a lot. I was so appreciative of all the thoughtful gifts everybody got for me. Thanks to everyone! You really made me feel special.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


How do you know you are the mother of boys???
When you find a dismembered lizard in your washing machine. Yes, disgusting, I know.

As I was transferring a load of laundry (Gs no less) to the dryer, I thought I saw a piece of dark lint in the washing machine. I pulled it out and took a closer look at it. It was HALF of a lizard!!! I completely freaked out, throwing the rubbery lizard body on the floor in the laundry room and called for the only child who could be potentially responsible - Cade. (He "accidentally" killed a pet lizard in the past by petting it too much - just like Lenny in Of Mice and Men.) Also, Cade likes slithery creatures and often tries to make them pets so I assumed he may have put this poor thing in his pocket and forgot about it.

Anyway, I made Cade go through all of our clothes looking for the other half of the lizard - the tail and back legs were still missing. Unbelievably, he found the other half sticking to some bottoms. I turned the dryer on super high/steam and hoped for the best in disinfecting our laundry.

Later, we were giving Cade such a hard time about this poor lizard, calling him "lizard killer" all the while assuring him we believed the lizard death was only manslaughter and not murder etc. etc. He got so mad at us, protesting his innocence profusely, but we still kept pestering him. I guess you have to get back at your kids when you can, right? Especially after finding two halves of a lizard in your wash. Anyway, avoiding washing our clothing with the kids' did us no good this time. I can't help but be a little freaked out anticipating what I might find in my washer or dryer in the future.