Friday, April 17, 2009

Pregnancy Sucks!

I'm reading this really funny pregnancy book called, Pregnancy Sucks. The author is very witty and I enjoy reading her. Here is an excerpt on morning sickness I thought some of you might enjoy:

"Morning sickness is like waking up every day for three months with a terrible flu. It usually begins in the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy and lingers until about the fourteenth. It doesn't creep up on you but comes on with a vengeance. It drains you of your spirit and takes away you ability to care about anything. The fridge is broken? Who cares, you're nauseated. The dog's fur just fell off? Not your problem.

No one knows the cause of morning sickness. There are several different theories. But even if no one can agree on the cause, they all agree on one thing. There is no cure. Believe me, if there were, I would have found it. There should be a clinic in every city across the nation devoted to find a cure. There should be a yearly telethon with a poster child of a green bloated woman clutching hard on to a toilet bowl.

During the worst of my morning sickness, I skipped my prenatal altogether, and took my everyday vitamin. Yes, I told my doctor first. I know you're thinking I'm a horrible mother depriving my helpless embryo of its nourishment, but how much riboflavin does a ten-cell organism need?"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cold, marble floors

The new house we bought had marble floors. Cold, icky, mausoleum marble - bleh. Talk about freezing in the morning on your feet. Anyway, we decided to put wood floors over it . Actually, they are not even wood floors but vinyl meant to look like wood. Apparently, UCSD hospital (which has a grand piano player in the foyer) has them as well. I thought it was real wood. So, we decided to go for the vinyl because between dogs and boys, wood floors would get destroyed in less than a day. Here are some pictures. It was a ton of work. I didn't do anything but my in-laws flew out from Chicago to help my husband install them. It took them 6 days, two of which they were up past 2 a.m. They are such troopers!!! The new floor looks wonderful and is so waaaarm on my feeties. :P


Yes, I know its been a loooong time since I last posted. We bought the house and moved in about 3 weeks ago. It has been so crazy. Packing the old house was just awful. I have been so sick with this pregnancy. When I saw the Dr. at 8 weeks I asked for some medication to help with the morning sickness. He prescribed Zofran which apparently works very well. I went to the pharmacy to fill it.....sorry folks, the insurance company will only pay for 9 pills! Turns out these magic bullets are like $30 a piece. So, I decided to take one right before the sisters came over to help me pack. Turns out it worked fairly well. What would I do without my RS sisters??? These women are wonderful! For 3 days they came over and helped me pack. On Saturday, all the men came and moved our stuff. It was great! Thank you to all who helped!!!