Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness


Okay, I’m totally into crafting.  I’m crazed!  I’ve been making t-shirts ever since I got my Pazzles.  Let me tell ya – I LOVE me some freezer paper.  You just put one of those puppies in the cutting machine and voila – instant design for ironing on to shirts.

I made shirts for both Presidents Day and St. Patrick’s after reading this tutorial on MADE.  Love, love, love making t-shirts.  Conor wants one that says “Jesus is my Homie” and “Emosaurus.”  Super cute and super fun!

IMG_0462_edited-1  IMG_0465_edited-1

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How did I get here?


Saturday night, we were invited to a Gala at the hospital because they are opening a new cardiovascular center.  The event was black tie.  I was so stressed out because I haven’t gotten into a fancy dress since high school.  I was really nervous I would be over dressed.  I really hate that.  I would much rather be casual than over dressed.  Anyway, I was fine.  People were really decked out.  It was like prom for the middle aged.

They made this HUGE tent in the middle of the parking lot.  This thing was so big – it had girders.  There were two stages.  We were in a table right off the stage.  Patty Lupone (of Evita fame) sang as the entertainment.  It was awesome.  I had so much fun.  It was great to get dressed up.  And, don’t worry y’all, I had a shawl to cover my bare shoulders.

The Thursday before the gala we were invited to Disneyland by a friend of Victor’s.  There is a club inside Disneyland called Club 33.  The club was originally founded for the investors of Disneyland.  Basically, a meeting place where they could dine, hang out and drink – there is no alcohol allowed in Disneyland.  Then, they opened the club to the public but for a steep price.  Apparently, there used to be a wait list to become a member but now they aren’t accepting anybody new.  I guess the wait list was like 20 years long until they completely closed it.


Well, Victor’s friend has friend (blah blah blah) who is a member and put us on the guest list.  I was so excited!  My birthday is coming up and this was sort of a pre-birthday event for me.  I love Disneyland and this was the icing on the cake.

The club is really hard to see.  It is right outside the exit of pirates.  There is a call box next to the door and they won’t let you in unless your name is on the list.  Sounds like some N.Y. club doesn’t it?


It is really amazing inside.  Tons of memorabilia hang on the wall.  It looks like what I would imagine an old fancy restaurant looks like in the 20’s.  The drapery was absolutely stunning.  There was all this beautiful wood molding on the walls.  And, they had a very small old school elevator to take you up if you don’t want to climb the stairs.  I got in it but I can see how some people wouldn’t want to do it.



The food was amazing.  They had a huge buffet for the appetizer.  There was crab, lobster, grilled vegetables, tomato and basil salad….That was the best part of the meal.  Oh, and they had a dessert bar.  My goodness, every dessert you can imagine.


I can’t believe this past week.  Its been like some strange dream.  I am so truly grateful for my beautiful family anyways and then things like this come up and I think, how did I get here?  I am so grateful for my life and for the many blessings I have.  I know things aren’t perfect all the time but I am truly grateful for everything I’ve been given, big and small.