Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Well-Lived Life

*Sigh*  The well-lived life....  Is it possible?  I wonder.  So, I made a list during lecture in my Bible study class (ADD strikes) about what it would take for me to believe I have lived a "well-lived life".

Here's my list:

1.   Daily scripture study with the kids - have been tanking on this one for sure

2.   Holding FHE every week - ummm nope 

3.   Attending Church every week - sketchy sometimes

4.   Service - meh

5.   Teach kids life lessons with a heavenly perspective in mind - *crickets*

6.   Exercising - HAHA!!!  Although, I've taken 3 Pure Barre classes and am trying to stick w it

7.   Eating healthy - sort of besides the enormous portions of pasta - go carbs!

8.   Organizing my "house" - e.g. not missing appointments, kids games and activities, keeping things in their proper place like car keys - missing half a brain when it comes to this stuff

8.   Cooking regularly with a meal plan - ughh... the bane of my existence.  Cooking daily is a nasty chore for me which I completely stink at.  Beep boop beep boop... take-out anyone?

9.   Personal scripture study - doing better here but only b/c I feel like a loser if I don't do my lesson for Bible study class

10.  Homeschool - yes, I'm the weirdo who homeschools her kids.  I think I do okay but that's only b/c my kid doesn't need much teaching since he's in high school

11.  Being patient with husband and kids - PUH-LEEZ

12.  Personal time - to do whatever the heck I want!  I do pretty good here because I'm selfish like that

Is it possible?  Am I crazy?  Can it be done?  Here are my thoughts:  Maybe a few people exist in the world who can actually do this with out being stark-raving mad.  But, I do about 3 or 4 of those things on my list, but how do I do them all?  LAYERS and serious prayer!  One thing at a time with God's strength.  I've decided to pick something and work on it.  Most people fail miserably when they try to do too much at one time.  E.g. the out-of-shape 40 year old woman who tries to do P90x after just having a baby... ahem.  Layering with the Lord's help is the key.  One thing at a time until its a habit.  It takes approximately 66 days to form a habit.  So, my approach is to tackle one thing at a time, pray fervently that He helps me maintain it, until it is a habit.  Then, move to the next goal and then the next, until I can look at my life and say, "I am living the well-lived life."


Sarah Haynie said...

Dear Laura:
First of all - know how much I love you and enjoy being with you when we find time for "lunch." The list you have made is one I have struggled with my whole life. I wonder how many people struggle with this list. I decided, as you have, that I tackle one at a time and I KNOW that if I do the best I can then that is all that is expected. You are an awesome lady and I have great love and faith that you will reach each one of your goals and more during your lifetime. We do some during one phase and some during another. I wish I could do them all right now - not possible. I look forward to being with you soon. Love reading your blog. Hugs

brooke said...

oh, goodness. there really should be no question as to whether or not others struggle with these things, because i have NO doubt that we ALL do. and if they say they don't, they either are lying or are living in denial. truth be said! =)

my list for bettering my life in general looks very similar to yours. i do MUCH better with FHE than i do with daily scripture study with my family or myself. FHE is an excuse to have MORE fun together in my eyes, though the occasional quickie lesson happens and surprises me with how non-stressful it could be.

and your homeschooling your son? just the one, or all of your kids? i'm curious. i'm thinking about homeschooling my girls next year.